Hospitality Industry Air Purification

Destroy pathogens in the air and on surfaces in hotel rooms, casinos, restaurants, and resorts with natural, chemical-free air purification.

Hospitality operators face new air and surface sanitization challenges in a post-pandemic world

The hospitality sector faces unique challenges as it welcomes guests post pandemic. Offering a dynamically sanitized environment that mitigates pathogen risk is essential for cruise lines, hotels, casinos, air travel, resorts and sporting events.

The close proximity of guests and the extended stays associated with some offerings require continuous sanitization that can be delivered safely in the presence of guests to ensure ongoing protection.

Beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality sector is seeking to improve air quality for its guests and employees by ridding the air of pollutants such as cigarette smoke, unwanted odors, volatile organic compounds (VOC) and other chemical fumes that are emitted by off-gassing materials and cleaning agents.

Viral epidemics and pandemics (SARS, influenza, norovirus, H1N1)

Cigarette smoke

Chemical fumes

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

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Cruise Ships & Luxury Yachts

Convention Centers

Sporting Complexes

Restaurants & Bars


Transportation Hubs

Purify the Air with PYURE to Protect Hospitality Operators and Guests

PYURE solutions are complementary to existing sanitation practices and can help address hospitality industry challenges. Our hydroxyl technology sanitizes and deodorizes the air and kills pathogens on hard surfaces and porous materials. Our devices run continuously and provide 24-hour protection.

Safe for occupied spaces

Our products can be safely used 24/7 in occupied spaces. There is no need to leave the room or turn the system off. You can offer your patients and medical staff dynamic protection, around the clock.

Kills airborne and surface pathogens

PYURE products are the only solution with the ability to kill aerosolized viruses, bacteria and mold and also kill these pathogens on surfaces.

Large centrally controlled

Our systems can actively treat and monitor air quality and ensure optimal conditions throughout a facility or ship.

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