Food and Agriculture Air & Surface Purification

Kill pathogens, slow spoilage, strengthen food safety, and reduce odors with natural, chemical-free air purification.

Pathogens, air quality and odors impact the safety of food production

Livestock production faces odor issues for both its staff and surrounding communities. Cannabis production facilities also have strong odors at different stages of their growth cycle.

The chemical masking agents typically sprayed outside of these facilities have no impact on odors employees face inside and they have limited effectiveness for neighboring communities as they are rapidly diluted by prevailing weather conditions.

Food transportation and storage faces accelerated ripening and spoilage due to outgassing ethylene and other volatile organic compounds (VOC) that negatively impact fresh produce.

Food and beverage processing facilities are also vulnerable to pandemics and at constant risk of microbial infections and films/molds that can impact food safety.

E. coli

Salmonella Enterica

Listeria Monocytogenes

Porcine Respiratory & Reproductive Syndrome (PRRS)

H1N1 (Swine flu)

Market Segments


Livestock Production

Slaughterhouses & Meat Processing

Food Processing

Beverage Processing

Food Storage


Cannabis Production

Purify the Air with PYURE to Protect Food Products and Agricultural Workers

PYURE solutions are complementary to existing sanitation practices and can help address food and agriculture challenges. Our hydroxyl technology sanitizes and deodorizes the air and kills pathogens on hard surfaces and porous materials. Our devices run continuously and provide 24-hour protection.

Eliminate strong odors

PYURE removes odors at their source without consuming or emitting chemicals and provides 24/7 monitoring and data to demonstrate odor control.

Safe for use in occupied spaces

PYURE solutions do not harm plants, animals, or people.

Pathogen protection

PYURE products are the only solution with the ability to kill aerosolized viruses, bacteria, and mold and to also kill these pathogens on surfaces.

Air Purifiers for Food and Agriculture Production

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