Sanitize air and surfaces with a PYURE air purification solution built for your market.

Scalable Air Purification for Diverse Markets


PYURE can help protect medical staff, patients and visitors from viral outbreaks, reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections and complement existing sanitizing efforts.

Senior Living

Seniors often have health risks that are exacerbated by airborne and surface pathogens and poor air quality. PYURE can reduce the risk of infection and improve general air quality in seniors’ residences.


Office buildings, apartment complexes, retail chains and fitness centers are all struggling with pathogen protection and poor air quality. PYURE offers scalable solutions that can address the most challenging needs.


PYURE offers peace of mind to hospitality operators and their guests. Cruise ships, hotels, casinos, resorts and other venues can secure continuous pathogen protection and improved air quality.

Food & Agriculture

The food and agriculture sectors have many persistent challenges: offsite fugitive odors, microbial contamination, airborne pollutants, accelerated spoilage and mold. PYURE offers scalable solutions that can meet the most demanding needs.


PYURE can tackle problems in manufacturing, restoration, janitorial services and waste management. Solutions include smoke odor removal after fires, mold management, the eradication of noxious odors and volatile organic compounds (VOC) and the destruction of pathogens.


Viral outbreaks in schools can happen quickly, putting students and staff at risk. PYURE can help provide students and staff with pathogen protection and improved air quality.