Become a Pyure Partner

PYURE is expanding its global presence with new distributors and channel partners. Join us

PYURE Is Seeking To Expand Its Global Market Presence

We are actively looking to expand our distribution network. If you have an established presence in your local HVAC or air purification market, you could distribute PYURE Products.

If you would like to sell Odorox® Portable, Wall-Mounted, or Duct-Mounted devices in your market, please complete our distributor questionnaire and return it to us at


Install HVAC Solutions as a PYURE Channel Partner

We want to partner with HVAC companies that can retrofit our technology into existing HVAC systems or include our technology into new HVAC installations and provide after-sales service. We are also seeking OEMs that can incorporate our technology into their HVAC equipment.

HVAC companies that would like to explore a partnership opportunity can contact us at

Develop Consumer Products with PYURE Technology

If you’re a consumer product company that designs and markets air purification products or would like to develop a line of sanitization products for consumers incorporating PYURE Technology, we’re interested in partnering with you.

Consumer products companies interested in PYURE Technology can contact us at